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 This is my story, a graphic artist who has been given a talent and this is what I am doing with it. I focus my photography on newborns, babies, children and families. My style is simple and unique and I believe personality is everything-expressions and smirks instead of props and poses. Sharp black/whites and vivid colors instead of bland studio shots are what make my photography my own. This is real.


This is my journey inspired by the faces I wake up to every morning-my family. I am a mother to three wonderful kids and a wife to a husband who has helped me live my dream-owning my own business. I credit finding my love for photography to my son Gunner. It was after his birth that my passion for capturing every special moment escalated to a new level. I find myself photographing nonstop and loving it more and more every day. Rarely an event goes uncaptured by photos in our home. This is life.


This is my style. Photography is a form of self expression, as well as an expression of the subject being captured. I am an artist at heart and my photography has an edge to reflect it. My Graphic Art degree helps me add many personal touches during the post work of my photography, enhancing the client’s features that bring out their individual personality. Please be sure to take a look at my online galleries to get a feel for my style of photography before inquiring on a session so you can be sure my style is what you’re looking for. I believe every photo tells a story and I work hard to create one of a kind art photos for each ‘individual’. This is art.


this is real. life. art.